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August 2009: Producing an Event

More and more organizations are shifting in-person events to the web. Adopting web conferencing technology though doesn't have mean abandoning the benefits of in-person events. This month, we'll look at what goes into the production of a large virtual event and examine how to keep it engaging and professional while moving it online.


Web Event To Do List

This to do list contains useful resources to help you prepare for an important web event

Wallpaper Pack: These backgrounds will give your event a polished and professional look and feel.



Setting Up and Building a Connect Pro Meeting
by Ryan Monger

Running an Effective Rehearsal and Moderating a Live Event
by Ryan Monger

Following Up After Your Event
by Ryan Monger

The Art of the Online Demo
by Vincent Toesca

Attracting the Right Audience to Your Web Event
by Jessica Davis

Simulcasting a Live Event to a Remote Audience
by Jason Parker

Best Practices for Webinars
by Ken Molay

Case Study: Adobe Off-Site Event Goes Virtual
by Jason Parker