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April/May 2009: Secure & Scalable Web Conferencing

With an ever growing list of security standards and compliance initiatives that IT applications must adhere to, deciding exactly how to set up your Connect Pro account can be a confusing. Similarly, as your implementation grows so do the demands on providing a platform that is going to scale with increased usage. This month we've decided to focus on helping Connect Pro administrators configure your deployments to best meet these increasing demands and provide tips and tricks for end users on managing meeting security.


Digial Timer Flash Application

This synchronized timer acts as a stop watch in your Connect Pro meeting and ensures presenters and hosts keep in sync with event timings.

Connect Pro Meeting Stage Lights

The stage lights application presenters and hosts a quick indication as to how they are doing on time.



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by Vincent Toesca

Connect Pro Administration Basics
by David Yun

Managing Access and Entry to Your Connect Pro Room
by Alistair Lee

Setting Up Login and Password Policies in Connect Pro
by Ryan Monger

Understanding the Forced Recordings Feature
by David Slater

Securely Distributing Data with Those Outside of Your Organization
by Jason Parker

Whitepaper: Enhancing the Accessibility of Connect Pro Meetings
by Vincent Toesca

Connect Pro Deployment Options - An Overview
by Jessica Davis

Connect Pro Bandwith for Beginners
by Peter Ryce

Understanding and Using Connect Pro Built-In Roles and Permissions
by Randah McKinnie

Visual Quick Start: Meeting Security
by Jody Plotkin

Using Connect Pro to Securely Share Files
by David Yun

Clustering Connect Pro Servers with Microsoft Network Load Balancing
by Frank S. DeRienzo

Running OpenSSL with NLB-clustered Connect Pro Server
by Frank S. DeRienzo

Connect Pro server pools and hardware-based load-balancing devices (without SSL)
by Frank S. DeRienzo

Connect Pro server pools and hardware-based load-balancing devices with SSL acceleration
by Frank S. DeRienzo

Deploying the F5 BIG-IP LTM with Connect Pro
by F5 and Adobe Systems

Creating an On Demand Resource Library Using Connect Pro Meeting
by David Yun