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A great webinar requires much more than delivering the perfect live session. There are registration sites to setup, campaigns needed to promote the event, an engaging live session to worry about, follow-ups to create

Resources for Adobe Connect 9.5

Quickstart Guide for Webinars
This document walks through the new features included in Adobe Connect 9.5

Event Readiness Guide
This document walks through the new features included in Adobe Connect 9.5

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Using Live Video Sources in Adobe Connect
Learn how to use a production video feed in an Adobe Connect room
Nick Hippe, Solution Consultant
Level: Intermediate

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019
BUG fixes in Adobe connect 10.1.1
PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: There are several issues related to content uploaded to Adobe Connect meetings and training which are fixed in Adobe Connect 10.1.1: ENVIRONMENT:? Adobe Connect Hosted/on-premise Adobe connect version 10.1.0 (NOTE:?Users may need to re-upload the content uploaded from Adobe Presenter for it to be fixed post 10.1.0 upgrade)
Posted on: Adobe Connect Support Blog

Wednesday, January 16, 2019
Getting sidewise screen or mirror image in Adobe Connect meeting room
PROBLEM STATEMENT:-?Getting sidewise screen or mirror image in Adobe Connect meeting room: ENVIRONMENT: Adobe Connect Hosted 10.1.0 REASON BEHIND THIS BEHAVIOR: Getting check mark on option Enable hardware?acceleration?make the screen sidewise or mirror image of shared webcam. SOLUTION: Right Click anywhere in the meeting room> Choose Setting>Uncheck the option “Enable hardware acceleration?under” in Adobe Flash […]
Posted on: Adobe Connect Support Blog

Friday, December 14, 2018
Adobe Products Inducted in to the 2018 Elearning Hall of Fame
Pushing the boundaries of what organizations and institutions can accomplish with virtual classrooms, learning management systems, and the creation of educational content is at the core of what Adobe?s digital learning solutions stand for. For over sixteen years these tools have helped educators, managers, and development teams alike foster cultures of continuous development with engaging digital experiences that are available precisely at the moment of need.
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