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A great webinar requires much more than delivering the perfect live session. There are registration sites to setup, campaigns needed to promote the event, an engaging live session to worry about, follow-ups to create

Resources for Adobe Connect 9.5

Quickstart Guide for Webinars
This document walks through the new features included in Adobe Connect 9.5

Event Readiness Guide
This document walks through the new features included in Adobe Connect 9.5

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Managing Access to Your Adobe Connect Room
This article describes how you can use the options is Adobe Connect to limit access to your room or open it up to anyone with the URL.
Alistair Lee, Adobe
Level: Beginner

Q&A Best Practices
In this short tutorial, Peter highlights some best practices for the Q&A pod.
Peter Ryce, Connectionist
Level: Beginner

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Thursday, February 20, 2020
Customize the AMG Silence Timeout Setting to Accommodate an Internal SIP Endpoint
This article is intended only for on-premise Adobe Connect server deployments with integrated Adobe Media Gateway making Unified Voice connections to internal Session Initiation Protocol endpoints. The silent stream interval is not configurable OOTB and silence commensurate with muting voice can cause disconnections when connecting AMG to an internal SIP endpoint; the following customization will […]
Posted on: Adobe Connect Support Blog

Tuesday, February 18, 2020
Adobe Connect with Secure SMTP (AWS SES)
To use secure SMTP with Adobe Connect on AWS SES, do the following: Backup and edit \Connect\10.6.0\appserv\service-wrapper\64bit\conf\ConnectProSvc.conf: Add this, but leave it commneted out unless debugging is needed: Backup and edit Custom.ini: Comment out: #SMTP_HOST #SYSTEM_EMAIL Add: SMTP_START_TLS_ENABLED=true Log onto the SQL DB and run the following queries on the Connect DB after […]
Posted on: Adobe Connect Support Blog

Wednesday, February 12, 2020
SSO Deployment Options for On-premise Adobe Connect 10.x Installations
Everything you want to know about Adobe Connect 10.x SSO or at least some key points that are hopefully helpful.
Posted on: Adobe Connect Support Blog

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