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A great webinar requires much more than delivering the perfect live session. There are registration sites to setup, campaigns needed to promote the event, an engaging live session to worry about, follow-ups to create

Resources for Adobe Connect 9.5

Quickstart Guide for Webinars
This document walks through the new features included in Adobe Connect 9.5

Event Readiness Guide
This document walks through the new features included in Adobe Connect 9.5

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New tutorials

Creating a Self-Service Course Certificate
This tutorial walks through the process of creating a certificate for an Adobe Connect course.
Ian Justin, GetConnect
Level: Intermediate

Creating and using polls
Learn about the different types of polls that are available in Adobe Connect, how to use them, and how to find polling reports.
Alistair Lee
Level: Beginner

Creating a Virtual Business Card for Adobe Connect
Create an image to use on layouts that shows a speaker photo, name, title, and contact information.
Alistair Lee, Adobe Systems
Level: Beginner

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Tuesday, January 2, 2018
The Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement uses Adobe Connect to Deliver Engaging Virtual Bi-lingual Events
While other solutions could only support concurrent events in French or English, with Adobe Connect CFHI can seamlessly deliver bilingual events using breakout rooms where participants can view primary content in their preferred language. The approach keeps audiences integrated and benefits them by sharing in one common digital experience.
Posted on: Adobe Connect Blog

Wednesday, December 13, 2017
Firefox 64-Bit may prevent launch of meetings with new Adobe Connect application
Some workarounds to troubleshoot/resolve issues which may prevent Firefox 64 bit to launch meetings through new Connect application are documented on our TechNote here :  
Posted on: Adobe Connect Support Blog

Monday, December 11, 2017
Adobe Connect ID?s are changing from INT to BIGINT
[Update: 12/12/2017] ? This is an update to the below blog post originally published on 11/25/2015.? It is intended only for XML API developers that create custom integrations and should not be a concern to regular Adobe Connect users.? When we released Adobe Connect 9.5.2 in our Hosted environment at the beginning of 2016, we […]
Posted on: Adobe Connect Support Blog

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