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Adobe Connect Quiz Pod

Alistair Lee, Adobe

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The Quiz pod, introduced in Adobe Connect 12.4, enables hosts to test the understanding of the participants and create game-based activities in their virtual rooms.

The Quiz pod can be found in the Pods menu and has some similarities with the Poll pod. Like polls, you can have multiple instances of the Quiz pod in your room. You can setup your quiz ahead of time, and re-use a quiz multiple times in your room. However, unlike a Poll pod - which can only include a single question - the Quiz pod supports up to 10 questions per pod. There are several supported question types including:

  • Multiple choice (radio buttons)
  • Multiple answer (check boxes)
  • True or False
  • Fill-in-the-blank

Hosts can setup up to 10 of these questions - indicating the correct answer for each question. While most question types are straightforward to create, the fill-in-the-blank questions require the host to type a complete accurate statement. After that, they can use the highlighter tool to highlight which part of the statement should be the 'blank'. After the blank has been identified, the host can add additional incorrect options. Participants taking the quiz will see a blank line and need to select the correct option.

In addition to adding questions, the Host can also adjust several settings. Clicking the Settings button, the host has the option to randomize the question order, randomize the order the options will appear, choose how the results will be displayed, and determine if participants can review their submissions. They can also optionally add a time limit for the quiz. Once happy with the questions and the settings, the quiz can be published.

A published quiz is available for participants to begin. Participants will need to click a button to start their quiz. Hosts will not have the option to take the quiz. Instead, they'll see the progress each participant is making. They can see who has started the quiz, who is in progress, and who has finished. They can also see how many questions each participant has viewed, and the current score. If a time limit has been added, the quiz will close automatically after the time has been reached. The Host can also end the quiz at any time - even if a time limit has been set and not completed. 

When the quiz has ended, participants will see their own results. Hosts can optionally enable a leaderboard at this time so that participants can see how they scored against others in the room.

In addition to seeing results onscreen immediately after the quiz, Adobe Connect makes several reports available to the host in the Meeting reports section. Reports can all be downloaded as CSV files. The Quiz reports have 3 tabs: Overall results, By Question, and Leaderboard.

The Overall Result report shows aggregate data including:

  • Number of questions
  • Total Participants
  • Submissions
  • Start Time & End Time
  • Highest score
  • Average class accuracy

Class performance is also broken out into a pie chart - showing the engagement of the learners.

The By Question report provides a detailed breakdown of each question. For each question, the host can see:

  • Type of question
  • Question
  • Options available (the correct answer is bolded)
  • Answer distribution
  • Number of attempts
  • Correct versus incorrect
  • Engagement

The Leaderboard report provides a breakdown for each participant, including:

  • Participant name
  • Status (Completed, Not Started, In Progress)
  • Total score
  • # of questions attempted
  • Correct & Incorrect
  • Breakdown of correct/incorrect for each question
  • Start time and end time
  • Time taken 

The final column on this report links to even more detail for each learner. A host can see specifcally how an invidual responded to each of the questions.

August 2023

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