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Duplicating Layouts in Adobe Connect

Alistair Lee, Adobe

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When creating a new layout, a host has two options:

  • Create a new blank layout
  • Duplicate an existing layout

Selecting the first option will, as expected, give you an empty stage to start adding pods from the Pods menu.

The second option creates a duplicate of the layout you choose when creating a new layout. The pods on this layout are not copies of the pods on the layout you duplicated - they are the same instance of those pods. That's important - because it means that changes you make on the duplicate layout can effect the original.

As an example, if you have a share pod that contains a set of PowerPoint slides on your original layout, you'll have the same pod on the layout you duplicate. Changing slides on the duplicate layout will also change them on the original layout because they are the same pod. If you stop sharing the slides on one layout, they will also be stopped on the duplicate. Again - think of it as the same pod.

What doesn't get synchronized? The size and position of the pod are unique to each layout. You can make the pod smaller, move it around on your layout, or hide it completely without affecting the other layout. Only changes to the content itself are synchronized.

This is true for all pods: Chat, notes, polls, etc..

Below is a short video showing how this works:

October 2021

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