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Creating a Custom Trigger in Adobe Connect Events

Alistair Lee, Adobe

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The Events functionality in Adobe Connect will automatically create a microsite to promote your event, a registration form to register attendees, and can manage a series of emails associated with your event. email options in Adobe Connect

In addition to the built-in email options (Invitations, Notifications, Reminders, and Follow-ups), you can configure up to 4 Custom Triggers. A custom trigger can be used to send additional emails that may not be covered in the built-in options. For example, I often want to send two event reminders: one a day before my event, and one an hour prior. Since there's only a single event reminder email option, I can use a custom trigger for my second reminder.


Configuring the Custom Trigger

Setting up a custom trigger

There are several options you can set to configure the custom trigger.


All invited users will send the email to everyone you have invited to the event. You can find this list by clicking on the Participant Management tab of the event. Click on the dropdown listbox on this page to filter on 'Invited'.

All approved users will send the email to anyone that has registered and has been approved. It is very often the case that your event does not require Event Manager approval. In this case, the registrants will automatically be approved and the custom trigger would be sent to everyone who registered.

All registered users will send the email to anyone that has registered regardless of whether their registration has been approved or not.

All event attendees will send the email to anyone that has registered and joined the event from the event login page. If a user attended the event without registering, the email will not be sent to them.

All absentee users will send the email to anyone that has registered for the event, but did not attend. This recipient type is also used for the abstentee follow-up email.

Email Timing

The custom triggers can be sent at a specific date and time or you can make the time and date relative to the event itself. Note that you if you choose to send them at a time relative to the event, you can select whether they should go before or after the event time.

Other Email Setings

The other settings on this screen will affect the email that gets sent. There is no option to include an ICS calendar invite in a custom trigger - but this is available in several of the built-in email options.
Reply to is a dropdown listbox where you can choose the email address used for replies. The options in this dropdown list can only be changed by an Event Administrator - not an Event Manager. It will also determine the name in the 'From' field of the email. To edit the options in this dropdown, an Event Administrator can click on Event Administration > Email Aliases.

The subject line sets the subject of the email. Note that you can use run-time variables in the subject line such as {event-name}. To see a full list of event variables, you can click on one of the built-in email options.

The email template determines what the email will look like. These can be edited to use images, rich text, and other HTML components that are compatible with email.

Previewing your custom email

A preview window will show you what your email will look like based on the template you've selected. Before clicking on the 'Send Test Email' button, click 'Save' to save your changes. You may need to open up the Custom Trigger agaain to send a test email.

August 2021

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