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Synchronizing Content Across Breakout Rooms

Alistair Lee, Adobe

Expertise Level: Intermediate

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When you start breakout rooms for the first time in an Adobe Connect room, they will all take on the look and feel of the active layout.

However, the pods in each breakout room are essentially a copy of the pods in the active layout - not the same instance of those pods. For example, if you have a chat pod on the active layout, you'll get a a separate instance of that chat pod in each of the breakout rooms. This is by design - you typically wouldn't want the chat messages from Breakout 1 showing up to the participants in Breakout 2.

You can see this in the title of each pod in a breakout room. They will typically have a name such as "Chat - Breakout 1" or "Notes 4 - Breakout 1".

There are many occasions though where you specifically want to have content syncronized across difference breakout rooms. For example, a Notes pod with instructions on the activity, or a countdown timer letting participants know how much time is left.

While it's not the default, it's absolutely possible to do this in Adobe Connect. It requires going in to each breakout room (which can be setup well ahead of the session), and replacing 'breakout' version of the pod with a pod from the Pods menu. The video below outlines this process.

April 2021

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