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Using Closed Captions in Adobe Connect

Alistair Lee, Adobe

Expertise Level: Intermediate

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Adding closed captions to your room helps improve accessibility by better supporting participants with hearing impairments as well as those that speak a different language.

Prior to Adobe Connect 11.2, a custom pod was necessary to incorporate captions. While this worked, it required the pod to be on each and every layout of the Adobe Connect room and required it's own space.

Adobe Connect 11.2 added closed captioning natively to the interface. A custom pod is no longer required. Better yet, because of the implementation the new captions automatically work across every layout in a room and can be overlayed on the interface rather than taking up room on your layout.

The captions can be provided by an in-room captioner or a captioning service.

In this video, I walk through the steps required to enabled closed captions and configure them for both an in-room captioner as well as the StreamText captioning service.

March 2021

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