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Standard view and Classic view in Adobe Connect 11.2

Alistair Lee, Adobe

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As Adobe Connect has transitioned from Flash to HTML, we've introduced a new interface. What's now called 'Standard view' was first added to the product in Adobe Connect 10 as an HTML client for participants. Over time, that HTML-based interface has expanded to support Hosts and Presenters and has become the basis of the newest Adobe Connect desktop applications.

Up to, and including, Adobe Connect 11, virtual rooms supported both views. Some attendees might be using Classic view and others might be using Standard view. This was necessary, since Standard view was rolled out over time.

With Adobe Connect 11.2 - scheduled to be released in February 2021 - rooms will support either Classic view or Standard view, but not both simultaneously. In other words, the room owner will choose which interface to use - and everyone will use that interface. Since Flash is no longer available in the browser, this means that selecting Classic view will require users join using the desktop application. Selecting Standard view enables users to join either using the desktop application or a web browser.

The default for new rooms is Standard view - which we recommend for everyone. For existing rooms, Standard view will be used if it was enabled in previous versions of Adobe Connect (either as the default or in a browser), or Classic view will be used if it wasn't.

Standard view also supports a new 'Enhanced Audio' feature in Adobe Connect. Enabling this feature on your room (it is currently off by default) will result in a newer audio codec being used which should provide higher quality audio without requiring any additional bandwidth. 

This is currently off by default because the codec isn't yet supported by our mobile apps for iOS and Android or the feature to create an offline MP4 version of your recordings. We're currently working to add support in some new mobile applications and in a new version of the offline recording creator. The codec is supported when viewing the recording online - which can be done with any modern browser.

January 2021

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