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Decoding the Icons in the Attendees Pod

Alistair Lee, Adobe

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The Attendees pod in Adobe Connect shows a list of everyone in your virtual room. By default, it will group your attendees based on their respective role: Host, Presenter, or Participant. You can change that view though to see attendees based on their status (they can set their status to Agree, Disagree, or several other options using the status options dropdown in the application bar) or based on breakout room. Those views can be found in the pod options menu.

In any of those views, you might see some icons beside the name of attendees. In this tutorial, I'll help you understand what each of those icons mean.

Annotated attendees list

There are a couple of different types of icons that will be displayed.

Audio Icons

graphic showing different audio icons and what they mean

If a user is connected to audio, the attendee list will show how they are connected - either with a microphone or telephone icon. For each of these icons, there is a slight variation which can indicated whether or not an attendee is muted.

When using integrated audio, Adobe Connect is also able to dial out to participants when enabled. During this time, the icon will change to show an arrow pointing to the upper left to indicate that the user is in the process of connecting and will not yet be able to hear or speak in the virtual room.

Connection Icons

image showing the icons that display when someone has joined without the new application

There are several ways to join an Adobe Connect room, and the Attendees pod will display an icon when someone joins without using the Adobe Connect application or standard interface.

While attendees using their browser have nearly all of the functionality of the application, they won't be able to share their screen and the webcam video in the video pod may not be shown at full resolution or display every feed. For that reason, a browser icon (which looks like a globe) will be displayed next to an inviduals name when they join using a modern browser and are using the HTML client.

Attendees joining via the Adobe Connect Mobile app on iOS or Android may also see some limitations. An icon resembling a mobile phone will be shown next to a users name when they join via the mobile app.

Finally, it's also possible to join an Adobe Connect room using the 'Classic' view instead of the new standard view. At the time of this writing, the Mac application has not yet been updated to support the new standard view, and a meeting host can determine the default view for their room. When an attendee is using the classic interface, which was Flash-based, a Flash icon will appear next to their name.


In addition to the icons I've described above, there may also be some italicized text next to some attendee names. Obviously, the text beside your own name, You, indicates which name is yours. While this may seem obvious, it can be extremely helpful when logged in multiple times.

Adobe Connect will also denote guests when room permissions allow accepted guests or anyone who has the URL to join the room. You'll see the word Guest beside each of these individuals letting you know that they have not logged and simply typed in their name in the Guest field of the login screen. You may also notice in the screenshot at the top of this article that those users are not mixed in alphabetically with users who have logged in. They appear at the bottom of the Attendees list.

November 2020

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