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Embedding video in presentations for Adobe Connect

Alistair Lee, Adobe Systems

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Using video as part of your Adobe Connect meeting, virtual classroom, or webinar is a great way to keep people engaged. Videos can help to illustrate complex concepts, reinforce your talking points, or simply entertain your participants.

When asked how to add video to an Adobe Connect meeting, I typically recommend loading an MP4 or FLV file into an empty share pod. This gives you the ability to size the video content appropriately, and stream it to the participants at the right time. I always advise against screensharing video content since the sound won't be transmitted and the quality will suffer.

Several customers have asked about embedding video inside of a Powerpoint deck. This incorporates the video naturally into the flow of a presentation. This is possible with Adobe Connect, but requires Adobe Presenter to ensure the video shows up properly.

Simply adding the video via the standard Powerpoint tools will result in a blank space in your powerpoint slides that shows no video when loaded into Adobe Connect. Using Adobe Presenter will result in an embedded video that will play for everyone.

In the self-running presentation below, Peter Ryce - the Adobe Connect Connectionist walks through the steps required to embed a video into your Powerpoint slides using Adobe Presenter.

April 2016

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