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Breakout Rooms

Alistair Lee

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In physical classrooms, breaking students into smaller groups to collaborate is often an ideal way to encourage interaction and brainstorming. Many people feel more comfortable sharing ideas with a smaller group.

In the virtual world, breakout rooms offer the same benefit. In my personal experience, I've found people much more likely to interact in a small group.

Adobe Connect enables you create virtual breakout rooms - smaller submeetings within the main meeting - that provide opportunities for this interaction and engagement with participants. Although virtual classrooms tend to be the main use case for breakout rooms, they're available in Adobe Connect meetings, seminars, and virtual classrooms. You can create up tp 20 separate breakout rooms and either manually assign or have Adobe Connect evenly distribute the participants across those breakout rooms.

In the video below, I cover some of the features of breakout rooms and how to manage them from your Adobe Connect meeting.

April 2016

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