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Changing your event

Alistair Lee, Adobe Systems

Expertise Level: Intermediate

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You've created an event, sent out invitations, promoted it via social media, and people have registered. What happens when you need to change that event?

Ideally, event details don't change after you've published your event, but life doesn't always work that way. Adobe Connect events can be edited and there is a special email template and email option specifically for notifying registered participants of your changes.

The 'Show reminder when updates need to be sent' option in email settings is specifically for those cases where you've changed details about the event - the date and time for example. It uses thes the 'Event Update' template by default which can be customized.

Clicking on the customize link will open up the email settings and display the 'Event Update' template. This is a shared template that can only be edited by an Event Administrator, but as an Event Manger, you can create your own custom templates and select one of those instead.

In fact, in the unlikely event that an event change is required, I consider it a best practice to create a custom event template for that event with details about why the change was needed (as a Canadian, I take every opportunity to apologize). 

It's important to note that these emails don't get sent automatically after making a change. Adobe Connect will alert you on the Event Information screen that updates have not yet been sent out. You can click the link beside the warning to bring up the email setting dialog where you will have another chance to review the settings and send the emails.

Event Status Warning

Using this method, you can alert all of your registered participants that the event has changed.

October 2015

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