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Creating an offline MP4 file from your recording

Alistair Lee, Adobe Systems

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Adobe Connect recordings work differently than every other web conferencing platform on the planet. Rather than creating a static video, the recording plays back the meeting almost as if you were attending it live. In other words, much of the interactivity persists in the recording. Files can still be downloaded from a file share pod. Links from the web links pod work, you can copy text from a chat pod, interact with a quiz, or scroll through the users in the Attendees pod.

Sometimes though - a video is what's required. Maybe you want to upload part or all of the recording to YouTube. Or maybe you want to ensure that users on mobile devices can watch the recording - which is something that's not possible with the interactive Flash versions. Until Adobe Connect 9.5, we've had a couple of options for customers.

  1. Create an offline FLV (Flash Video) file
  2. Use a cloud-based service to create an MP4 file for a fee

With Adobe Connect 9.5, we're adding an additional option that combines the best of both worlds - giving you the ability to create an offline MP4 file. The functionality is built right into Adobe Connect 9.5, so there are no additional fees required. Now, when you choose to create an offline version of the recording, you'll be given the option to select FLV or MP4 (with MP4 now being the default). You can also select a preset which will help you balance quality and filesize, or, if you'd prefer, modify the advanced settings to manually set the frame rate, resolution, quality, and more.

In the video below, I'll show you how to create an offline MP4 version of your Adobe Connect recording.

September 2015

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