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Seminar scheduling changes with Adobe Connect 9.1

Alistair Lee, Adobe Systems

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Adobe Connect 9.1 and later require that ALL seminar rooms are scheduled; either by directly scheduling the room or by creating an event that references the seminar room.

Download the Seminar Scheduling FAQ.

In Adobe Connect 9.1, a change has been introduced that requires all seminars must be scheduled in advance. Seminars that are not scheduled in advance will be placed in standby mode and will limit the room capacity to 5 10 participants. In standby mode, a seminar host can create an instant 60 minute seminar session with the click of a button, but we'd highly recommend you schedule your sessions in advance. Downloading the seminar scheduling FAQ will help answer your questions around the changes in seminar scheduling.


This tutorial will cover the process to schedule your seminar rooms. If you schedule your seminar room in 9.0, then those sessions will automatically carry-over to Adobe Connect 9.1. Seminars can be scheduled easily through the Adobe Connect Central interface. Any events created using the Events module will also schedule the seminar rooms and these will also carry over during the updgrade to Adobe Connect 9.1.

In this video, I walk through the process required to schedule a seminar room using Adobe Connect 9.0

After you've upgraded to Adobe Connect 9.1, you'll notice the process of scheduling seminars has changed slightly. Instead of associating a date and time with a seminar room, you can create seminar sessions that simply point to an existing room. This enables you to create multiple sessions and recurring sessions in advance even if they're using the same room. The video below walks through the new process (after the 9.1 upgrade) of scheduling seminar sessions.

July 2013

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