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Adobe Presenter 8 Overview

Alistair Lee, Adobe Systems

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When I speak to customers who use Adobe Connect, I find that the majority will use the product for training. This typically includes live virtual classrooms in addition to on-demand courses that are always available.

While Adobe Connect supports virtually any AICC or SCORM based content, it works exceptionally well with some of the authoring tools from Adobe. One of my favorite authoring tools is Adobe Presenter.

Adobe Presenter is a plug-in to Microsoft PowerPoint that enables you to very quickly turn your static PowerPoint slides into a self-running, on-demand course. You can do this by adding narration over the slides, adding video - or an application simulation, and adding quiz questions to test the understanding of the students taking the course.

Since it works right within the PowerPoint interface, it's exceptionally easy to use and means that you can re-use all of the content that you may have been using in a physical classroom environment.

In the embedded video below, I walk through most of the Adobe Presenter features at a very high level.

February 2013

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