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Adobe Connect 9: Event Migration Guide

Alistair Lee, Adobe Systems

Expertise Level: Intermediate

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 This tutorial features a 23-page PDF guide on Adobe Connect 9 events. It highlights the new features introduced in version 9 of Adobe Connect and discusses the impact on events that have migrated.

The contents include:

New Features

  1. Using Templates
  2. Categorizing events
  3. Registering for an event without a password
  4. Speaker Details
  5. Banners
  6. Reports
  7. Event Catalog
  8. Event Administration
  9. Other Usability Options

Comparing Adobe Connect 8 and Adobe Connect 9 Events

  1. Impact on migrated events
  2. Event Catalog
  3. Event reports
  4. Event pages

Post-migration Tasks

  1. Creating event administrators
  2. Setting analytics
  3. Setting event catalog branding
  4. Changing event templates
  5. Changing email templates
  6. Scheduling large events





July 2012

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