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Adobe Connect 9 Sneak Peeks

Alistair Lee

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 If you missed them on the Adobe Connect blog, it's worth checking out these sneak peeks for some of the new Adobe Connect 9 features.

There have been a number of new features added to Adobe Connect recordings to help make them even better. In this sneak peek, I'll show you how you can now edit and customize the index (which is now much more discoverable) as well as anonymize your recording by hiding names or pods.

A major focus of Adobe Connect 9 has been helping customers create even better virtual events. Adobe Connect 9 brings major updates to the Events module including a brand new event catalog and registration system as well as new reports and analytics.

Finally, we also wanted to give webinar hosts and presenters a way to measure engagement during their events. In Adobe Connect 9, we're introducing the Engagment Meter - providing real time feedback on the level of engagement during an event.


June 2012

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