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Service Pack 3 for Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro 7

Service Pack 3

In mid-June, Adobe will be releasing Service Pack 3 for Connect Pro 7. This is a maintenance release that includes several bug fixes across all Connect Pro application modules including Acrobat Connect Pro Meeting, Training, Events, and Server.

While this isn't a complete list, some of the key fixes in this service pack include:


We've got an update to the MeetingOne adapter which now supports two additional features. Audio will now be automatically divided into sub-conferences when breakout rooms begin. You can now also merge your MeetingOne telephony presence and your Connect Pro presence in the attendee list pod. We've also got an update to the Avaya adapter which enables the same functionality and allows on-premise customers to integrate Connect Pro with Meeting Exchange 4.1 and 5.0.x


There was an issue where the BCC field for server notifications was not picked up and the email would not be sent that has been resolved. We've also resolved another issue that caused some of the emails from the Meeting Organizer to be filtered out by SPAM filters because they appeared to come from the organizers personal address. iCal attachments sent to Event invitees can now be opened and saved in your Outlook Calendar.


The Manager field is now included in course reports. We've also stopped Premiere telephony passwords from displaying in the reports.


In previous versions, LDAP users were permitted to change their Connect Pro passwords which could result in out of sync passwords with the LDAP system. These users are no longer able to change their Connect Pro password. We've also improved how Connect Pro handles a SQL Server failover and fixed the issue of installations not proceeding with SQL Server 2005 SP3


We've fixed an issue for Mac users where sharing full screen caused some users to be ejected from the meeting. Scroll bars have been added to poll pods when necessary, and we've fixed an problem that would occur when loading the same presentation into two share pods in the same meeting at the same time.


We've improved the sorting capabilities in the Training Catalog and in the Curriculum Viewer. We've also fixed the option to reset the transcript for users. Older courses from Connect Pro 6 can now be opened properly in Connect Pro 7. Finally, in Service Pack 3, curriculum dependencies are interpreted so that users are not prompted with errors or blocked from access to items for which they have in fact completed the pre-requisites or test-outs as required.


We've fixed an issue where recording playback would sometimes show a black or gray screen when paused or seeking and fixed an issue where recordings would stop automatically. An issue that caused the share pod to not play back or play back from the beginning has also been addressed.


We've also finished another security audit and made a number of improvements around security.

There is no action required for hosted customers - the hosted service will be upgraded automatically. On premise customers will need to schedule some down-time to apply the patch - which can update any previous version of Connect Pro 7.

This service pack does not change any of the systems requirements to attend a Connect Pro meeting. Participants only require Flash Player 8 to attend meetings while Flash Player 9 is required to launch Connect Pro Central (the homepage of the Connect Pro server).

If you have any questions, please contact the product support team here: