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Using Connect Pro to Streamline the Sales Cycle

In these tough economic times companies are looking for ways to do more with less and ensure that they're getting the most out of their workforce. Given that the Sales department is the key revenue center for most companies, it is critical that the sales team is able to to be as streamlined as possible across all facets of their jobs. This includes getting trained on projects, interfacing with prospects, upselling current customers, and a whole lot more. Since this seems to be such an area of focus for organizations of all sizes and in all sectors, we decided to focus this month on ways to integrate Connect Pro in the selling process.

While much of this month's content is focused on Sales Professionals, there is still a wealth of information available that can be applied broadly across all product usages including training, webinars, or even general collaboration. For example the principles laid out in Vincent Toesca's tutorial The Art of the Online Demo can be applied whether you are doing a demo in a sales situation or a virtual classroom to illustrate a task.

Here is an overview of this month's topics:

  • Alistair Lee shares some great tips and tricks useful to any Connect Pro meeting user in this tutorial Looking Polished and Professional in Connect Pro Meetings. In this presentation he covers topics such as minimizing content load time, the presenter only area, and more.
  • In Streamlining Client Communication with Client Meeting Rooms, Jody Plotkin walks you through how to create a meeting room for each of your clients including sample layouts to copy. Then she shares how you can templatize these rooms so that you can quickly and easily create one for each client. Whether you are in Sales, Customer Support, or any role where you are working with many clients who's information needs to remain segmented or confidential, you can use this technique.
  • Whether you are using Connect Pro for sales or not, you'll find a new way to use Connect Pro as part of your selling process in 7 Tips for Streamlining Sales with Connect Pro, a great overview of the various ways that Connect Pro can be used as part of a selling process.
  • Monty Hossain's tutorial on Using the Send Link Feature for High Touch Selling, shows how a little used feature can be used by a salesperson to gain instant insight, but also by anyone with a need to know when a piece of content is being viewed.

In addition to these great tutorials there is other content related to this month's topic you can view by visiting the February 2009 - Topic of the Month homepage.