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#1 2009-11-05 11:14:45


Enhance Connect Pro's search functionality - "wildcards"

When searching for training by Title/Description our users/learners currently have to know exactly how the name begins in order to find it with Connect Pro's internal search tool.  Due to the number of training pieces our users can self-enroll in or are not required to take, but we would like them to have access to, this limited searching parameter is not practical.  I would like to suggest an enhancement to the current search tool in the form of a "wildcard" type of functionality.  By placing a given character (*) on either side of a word in the search tool the user would be presented a listing of all pieces of training with that word in the title.


#2 2012-02-22 18:20:31


Re: Enhance Connect Pro's search functionality - "wildcards"

I would second that motion!  I'd like to be able to search for a group of guest users who email addresses end in a specific domain name to convert to internal.  User management is painful without wildcards available in the search field.


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