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#1 2009-04-15 14:40:01


Event links return "Page not displayed" error

I'm having a difficult time managing an event I created through Connect. The content is there, the registration is set up to allow guests without my approval, and the event doesn't close until the end of the calendar year. All links work correctly when used on my machine, and once logged in, the content is visible to me.

However, everyone who has received a link to the registration module is not able to view anything. The page displays a "This page cannot be found" error message. Everyone is using IE and has Flash Player 10 installed on their computer, so the system requirements should be met.

Any thoughts on why they are not able to view anything?  I'm thinking it may be a security setting, but we've already tried adding the URL to the list of trusted sites.


#2 2009-05-11 15:33:08


Re: Event links return "Page not displayed" error

Have you "published" your page?


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