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Feb 2009 Topic of the Month

In these tough economic times companies are looking for ways to do more with less and ensure that they're getting the most out of their workforce. Given that the Sales department is the key revenue center for most companies, it is critical that the sales team is able to to be as streamlined as possible across all facets of their jobs.

Since this seems to be such an area of focus for organizations of all sizes and in all sectors, we decided to focus this month on ways to integrate Connect Pro in the selling process.  Check out this month's resources and let us know what you think and how this maps on to your use of Connect Pro … c/2009/02/


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Re: Feb 2009 Topic of the Month

Dear David,

At first blush, it doesn't seem like what I do has anything to do with sales and marketing.  I am a webinar facilitator and the company I work for provides facilitation around workforce development for the government, one aspect of which is providing webinars.

I realize though that the selling process and becoming effective at the art of persuasion has everything to do with making any system or team work.  Personally, I am a freelance writer and writing coach, and I am always looking for new clients and leads.  I am also a budding entrepreneur and I am looking for ways to be more effective in that respect.

Inside of my responsibilities as webinar facilitator, however, we are attempting to utilize the Adobe platform to provide rich, meaningful learning experiences that utilize all of the audio visual components that are available.  We are also focusing on content and providing a great experience for the participant which achieves the desired educational result.

We are also practitioners of the Beyond Bullet Points approach, and while that system applies to using Power Point effectively and giving engaging presentations, at our company we are also looking at how that applies to presentations inside of webinars, balancing the traditional features of a presentation with the interaction and technology of the webinar.

So, I am looking forward to participating in this webinar and I am interested in any feedback or insights anyone in the Adobe user community may have!


Brian Keating
Webinar Facilitator


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Re: Feb 2009 Topic of the Month

Hey Brian,

Great to hear your thoughts.  I think in these tough economic times we are all being pushed to consider our organizations greater sales strategy as part of our everyday job.  For example if I'm a trainer, dealing with customers post-sale, whether or not a customer is a repeat buyer is partially contingent on how successful they are initially with the product.  Webinars are another example of this for the reasons you mention above.  Sales is truly a cyclical process that impacts us all even if we are not involved in the pre-sale portion of a deal.

Thanks for Sharing Your Thoughts,


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