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#1 2023-02-07 06:39:53


Possibility to have ALL recordings in one place


why is there no way at all to have all recordings in one place? We have to edit 20+ recordings 4 times a week. The MP4 download is a HUGE step forward. If only all the recordings we have were visible in one place and sortable by date, we could just click through all of them and be done with the downloading process within minutes.

Has this been addressed or maybe solved?


#2 2023-02-15 09:44:13


Re: Possibility to have ALL recordings in one place

There is not an automated way to solve this, as recordings are tied to the specific room in which they were created. So, you could either use just a single Meeting room in Connect (not really a practical concept), or teach your Hosts to use a new workflow when the session is done. For this new workflow, I'd recommend creating a folder in the Shared Content library called Session Recordings or something obvious and easy to find. Then after each session that is recorded, have your Hosts move the recording to that folder. It's only a few clicks and can be done in under a min. This will place all your recordings in one place.


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