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#1 2022-12-13 20:28:24

John C

AC app bypasses the login screen

Issue: After the last update, when a Presenter enters a room using an room URL, they arrive as a Participant and must then be promoted.

Question: Is there a way to force the AC app to present the login screen? What makes it bypass the login screen?

AC App version: Win 2022.10.42.64h
AC Server version: 12.1.5

Regards, John


#2 2022-12-27 11:39:37


Re: AC app bypasses the login screen

Hi John,

I think I've encountered this same problem. It seems that Adobe Connect now stores login information somewhere on the computer, making it difficult to log in with a different account.

Some of my hosts have accidentally logged in as Participants, and when they reload the meeting room AC bypasses the login screen and takes them straight in as a Participant again.

However, here's how I've worked around this issue:
1. Go to the meeting room URL in a web browser.
2. The desktop app will launch, but you should close it. Instead, go back to the browser tab and it should say "You have joined the session in the Adobe Connect app." There should also be a link to "continue in browser." Click on "continue in browser."
3. You should now be able to log in via the browser. If you log in as a Registered User, AC should launch in the desktop app automatically.

I hope that helps.


#3 2023-01-05 09:22:29


Re: AC app bypasses the login screen

The Adobe Connect application remembers how you last logged-in. To force a log-in or change the credentials, you'll need to do this with the application, itself

Assuming Windows AND that you created a Start Menu shortcut

- Click Start
- Type 'Adobe Connect' and click on the Adobe Connect App, when found
- In the upper-right corner of the application, click on the 'Sign Out' hyperlink

After this, you can either enter the URL to the meeting, or close the application and click on the link to enter the room


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