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#1 2022-08-05 10:06:55


Recorded Content Access Issues

I have serious security issues and content access permissions in Adobe Connect, after latest updates.

All lessons recorded through the Adobe Connect platform must be read-only accessible to specific users controlled through the Adobe Connect user groups feature.

This content is protected through non-disclusion agreements and copyright laws, downloading and publishing content in absentia of its authors can cause legal problems for the company.

After the last updates (approximately 2 months) any user can download the content locally, even with read-only access level and all groups suddenly have the setting as "System Group" or "Group Administrator" - we didn't find settings to change these settings per group, as was the case before.

Some clues:
The address of all links generated recorded classes that were already stored on the client platform were suddenly changed (it looks like a dataserver change, maybe?);
All groups suddenly have the setting as "System Group" or "Group Administrator";
When accessing classes on mobile, the app has a mode called offline mode (which is activated in the absence of the user): when active, it downloads the content on the mobile.

Anyone having recent issues with permissions to access recorded classes? Is it a known issue?Recorded Content Access Issues


#2 2022-08-12 13:11:16


Re: Recorded Content Access Issues

Hi Fabiana,
Wow, I'm sorry for those troubles. At the same time, this is good to know. My institution opted out of the "Enhanced Audio & Video Experience," so we're still on the old recording protocol. (The new WebRTC recordings aren't interactive, can't be edited in the browser, and can't be anonymized retroactively. These were deal-breakers for us.)

It sounds like anyone can download the .mp4 recordings. Is that right?

Are you still able to change the access level of the recordings to "Private" or "Public"?


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