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#1 2022-03-20 10:00:04


Error message uploading a PowerPoint presentation

Hi - I'm trying to upload a powerpoint presentation and getting an error. I've tried uploading from my computer as well as loading it to AC Central.  Any ideas how to fix this issue?

When loading to AC Central, the message states:  Your content is currently being processed. Thank you for your patience.
When loading from my desktop, the message states: There was an error converting your file.



#2 2022-03-20 23:20:22


Re: Error message uploading a PowerPoint presentation

There is usually one or a few slides that have something that Connect is not able to convert. Try converting the slide deck to a PPT instead of a PPTX file. If that doesn't work then the fastest trick is the split the deck in half, and upload the two halves. Take the one that fails and split it again upload. Repeat this process until you have identified the offending slide(s).

Some times it's just a matter of re-embedding images or rebuilding the slide. Just depends on what's there.


#3 2022-04-04 09:45:55


Re: Error message uploading a PowerPoint presentation

One of the common issues I see that causes this is having objects off of the slide in PowerPoint.


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