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#1 2022-01-12 14:12:14

Jim Kankula

Reordering Breakout Rooms

Hi y'all.  So I created 4 breakout rooms for activity X and 3 rooms for activity Y.  I realized that I needed two more breakout rooms for activity X.  When I create the new rooms they get put down at the bottom of the list of breakout rooms.  How do I move the two new rooms up on the list of breakout rooms for activity X?  I would think that you could drag and drop them in the desired order, but that is not what I am experiencing.  Thanks


#2 2022-01-13 04:58:08


Re: Reordering Breakout Rooms

It's been a regular frustration - I would LOVE this functionality.

I often start from scratch (deleting the rooms until the new room appears in the correct place) when I need to overcome that issue.

I recommend laying out the templates for X and Y in the main room first and keeping those layouts in case of this situation, it doesn't take too long then to recreate it.


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