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#1 2021-09-29 12:30:26


Event Info landing page vs Login

I am confused about the various links generated when you create an event.  I have set up an event template and customized the "event info", "event registration", "event login", and "registration confirmation" pages from the event menu.  When I view the event info page in template edit mode, I see the event login option in the event menu.  But when I open the actual event info page for the scheduled event, the only options in the menu bar are "event info" and "event registration".  There is no option to just join/login to the event if you are already registered.  The only way to get that is to try to register again and then you get that option after it tells you you're already registered.  I set up the event so that attendees do not require approval after registration and direct entry is enabled without them having to check email.  I have turned off all the event email notification options.  Do I need to give out BOTH the event info landing page link AND the direct login link??  Or do I have to give out the login link and then assume people who haven't registered will pay attention and figure out that they need to click the registration menu option? If so, what is the point of having an event info landing page?


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