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#1 2021-06-10 10:24:03


Issue with Event with seminar content

We created an event and selected a seminar room as the content. The event published fine and we could see the session that the event scheduled in the seminar calendar.  However, when the host started up/opened the room on the day of the event, it showed the message saying only 10 people can join and asking if you want to start an instant session (the message you get when you go into a seminar outside of the time of your scheduled session - e.g. to set up).  We can't figure out why it didn't register that this WAS the actual session.  We verified that the event dates and times were correct and that the seminar license hadn't been double booked.


#2 2021-06-10 11:49:40


Re: Issue with Event with seminar content

How many minutes in advance of the actual scheduled event did you launch it?

For instance, I typically start my events 45 minutes in advance of the actual start. This gives me 15 minutes to make any last minute adjustments before my presenters join 30 minutes in advance. This may seem like overkill but it works for us. I open my lobby about 10 minutes or so prior to the event to allow participants in.

That said, I'm limited to 10 until I'm 30 minutes in advance of the event (default from Adobe Connect). If you happen to start it any earlier (like my 45 minute example), you'll be limited to the 10. Adobe Connect will automatically open it up when you are within 30 minutes of the scheduled start of the event.

Hope this helps. However, this is making an assumption. I would be curious to know if you were within that 30 minute timeframe and still experiencing the issue.



#3 2021-08-04 09:53:32


Re: Issue with Event with seminar content

I've seen Seminar rooms behave like this, and it usually is due to something going odd with the room on the back end. Switching the event to a different room or using a different room in your next even will likely resolve this issue.


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