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#1 2021-06-30 09:18:35


PDF is blurry in Connect


I am brand new to Connect and my coworkers aren't much more versed in it, although they have some experience. We upload presentations to Connect that we record (using a screen capturing software), so there are no attendees are in our rooms. Just the host. My coworkers have used PowerPoint to create their presentations without issue, but I created mine in InDesign which I then exported to a PDF with "Smallest File Size."

The PDF is crystal clear on its own (as it should be--I created giant "slides" that would withstand compression). But when I upload it to Connect, the text is a little blurry. I've searched the internet for help and have tried using a lower monitor resolution and different PDF settings when exporting from InDesign, but nothing is helping. The text in Lato is particularly harsh.

Any suggestions? Thanks!


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