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#1 2021-05-12 04:32:11


Availability of registrations

how can I make the recordings of one or more meetings immediately available to the participants without them being moved to a dedicated folder and authorized by the administrator?
Thank you


#2 2021-05-17 11:53:59


Re: Availability of registrations

Once the recording is done you can distribute the URL of the recording to anyone you see fit. Technically, you can grab the URL as soon as you start the recording, but most people are busy making the recording and don't have the bandwidth to navigate to Connect Central to find the URL mid session.

The recording access permissions can be left to match the Participant list for the meeting or you can change it to public to allow anyone to be able to watch it. You don't need to move it to the Content library. Just check the box to the left of the recording and then click the Access Type button to change the viewing permissions.


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