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#1 2021-05-03 13:04:46


Adobe Connect Meeting Admin - Proxy Setup

I had a problem with Adobe Connect Meeting Addin since the last update, I hope someone can help me

Adobe Connect Meeting Rooms Stuck On Loading Screen, when loading while Adobe Connect Addin… they have a proxy / firewall, and the problem doesn’t happen on my connection, which doesn’t use a proxy / firewall, so we believe the problem is related to some firewall blocking.

Unofficially we found this range of Ips: (However, it would be complicated to configure this range for each of the instructor's computers)

Maybe, we can Setup Adobe Connect Plugin for bypass proxy and enter directly over the network..

I researched about these two possibilities (official documentation from Adobe about IP range used by Adobe Connect Meeting or Adobe Connect Meeting proxy bypass) without success.

Can you help us?


#2 2021-05-03 18:12:38


Re: Adobe Connect Meeting Admin - Proxy Setup

All that sounds consistent with the challenges of the SaaS model. The IPs are fairly dynamic in a multi-tennant environment, so you'd need to whitelist the IPs of the entire data center and set up split tunneling (proxy bypass) for the RTMPS protocol over port 443 from those servers. 

Browsers and the Connect Desktop App should honor network proxy settings. 

Having a privately hosted server cluster with static IPs would help simplify this, but comes at an increased cost. 


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