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Setting guest name in meeting url

(I've also posted this in the Adobe Connect Meeting section in case there'd be more traction. I'll reply here if I'm given an answer there, and vice versa)

I've set up a frontend login page for my company to help onboard participants of our meeting rooms. I've built this frontend using JavaScript (ReactJS to be specific). The page will eventually deliver a link for the user to click to log in to the meeting room. I'd like to control the guest name they use on my side and then pass that to the URL I provide them. The link I provide looks like this:

The issue I'm having is that if the user's browser logs in as a guest named "John" one day, and then attempts to log in as "Sally" the next, Adobe Connect will ignore the value in the URL and use the session it created for John instead until the user deletes their cache/cookies.

Is there any way that anyone knows how to make Adobe Connect use the guest name provided in the URL rather than the session in the users' cookies? Is there a parameter to pass that I'm missing? I've looked into the APIs that are available to try to log a user out of a session prior to using the link but I'm not quite sure the logout API is meant for my use case as opposed to an administrative session logout. If this is possible with the API and I'm misunderstanding how to use it, would someone be able to provide a simple example written in JavaScript?

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Re: Setting guest name in meeting url

It could be the time allowed for a session cookie to be valid on the account. There are two values in the account that can be adjusted by the Admin(s) of the account.

Web session timeout - for all meetings/content delivered via the web browser
Connect application for desktop session timeout - for meetings accessed via the desktop app

Default values for the web session is 30 minutes and the application is 96 hours. So, it could be that the session cookie in the app is still valid as 'John' and that's why they come in as that. I'd have an admin sett that value a little lower, say 12 hours or 720 minutes, and see if that resolves the issue. The setting can be found by going to Administration > Account > Session Settings.


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