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Meeting participants with IE11 as default browser

When a meeting participant has IE 11 as their default browser, trying to join an Adobe Connect meeting (v. 11.2) is extremely difficult. The meeting URL provides the Guest/Registered user login page, and after logging in, shows a large Flash logo that takes the participant to a page about Flash End of Life, or a tiny link that takes the user to the test meeting connection page. Testing their connection simply confirms their browser is not supported. If they choose to download the desktop app from the test meeting connection page, it does install the Shell11 client, however when the user tries to enter the meeting after installing the app, it still opens in IE 11 and they have the exact same experience. I thought 11.2 was supposed to provide useful guidance to meeting participants trying to join via an outdated desktop app or legacy browser? This is the same terrible feedback that it always has been. According to the "Key Changes in Meeting Launch..." Adobe Help page (, IE 11 "Users are asked to either join from a modern browser or asked to install the new application." We were upgraded to 11.2 on 2/28/21 and when I tested IE 11 today, this does not happen. Why not?


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Re: Meeting participants with IE11 as default browser

The problem is that IE is more of a dead product than Flash, even though people still use it.

The Flash player that was used for Classic mode has been depreciated and removed from all browsers, IE included. The alternative is the new Standard mode, which uses HTML5. IE, however, doesn't support HTML5 so... the answer is to use a different browser. IE's younger brother Edge does work, as does Chrome, Fire Fox, and most other modern browsers.


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Re: Meeting participants with IE11 as default browser

Have you tried adding ?proto=true to the end of the meeting link, to force the use of the app?

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