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Table of privileges in Meeting: Host vs. Presenter

After searching two forums here (General AC, and Meetings), I'll ask for help. (And yes, I googled this for 30 minutes)

Where can get a table that identifies the privileges that a Host and Presenter have in an AC Meeting? Or, more easily, where can I get a complete list of all privileges a Presenter has (I host gazillions of AC meetings so am familiar with Host abilities).



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Re: Table of privileges in Meeting: Host vs. Presenter … ermissions

Meeting roles and permissions
Host, presenter, and participant roles determine capabilities for sharing, managing, broadcasting, and other activities in an Adobe Connect Meeting.

The creator of a meeting is designated as the host by default. The host can specify each attendee’s role, including selecting other attendees to be promoted to presenter or host during the meeting. Permissions for each role are as follows:


Hosts can set up a meeting, invite guests, add content to the library, screen share, and add or edit pods and layouts in a meeting room. They can admit guests, remove attendees, or give enhanced permissions to a participant. Hosts can start and stop audio conferences, and grant microphone or telephone rights. They can also start, pause, and stop recordings. Hosts are able to create and manage small group breakout rooms within a meeting. They can also perform all the tasks that a presenter or participant can.

Presenters can share content already loaded into the meeting room from the library or they can upload content directly from their computer. Shared content might include PowerPoint presentations (PPT or PPTX files), images (JPEG, PNG, and GIF files), Adobe PDF files, MP3 and MP4 files. They can also share their screen, chat, and broadcast live audio and video.

Registered and guest participants can view the content that the presenter or host is sharing, hear, and see audio and video being broadcast, raise their hand, and use text chat. Participants may be granted rights to share their cameras, microphones, and other advanced rights.


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Re: Table of privileges in Meeting: Host vs. Presenter

To cuc1613636097,

Fantastic resource that your link points to. And it contains information on v11.2 and back. I am exceedingly grateful to you and will share w/my colleagues and clients!!!


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