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#1 2021-02-01 06:31:41


Prevent 64bit Adobe Connect App from installing on 32bit Windows

Including the latest build (2020.12.21.64) of the Adobe Connect application for Windows, I have found that the 64bit version of the App will install on Windows 10 32bit without error.  This causes unnecessary confusion/frustration/wasted time when blindly assisting remote, non-technical users with installing the Application on locked down computers where they don't have local admin rights (a task we do on daily basis with industry professionals in a limited time window).

Every other app besides Adobe Connect that I've ever installed on Windows 10 32bit has immediately presented an error before installing if I accidently try to install the 64bit version.  If Adobe Connect could do this operating system check prior to installing it would make things much easier and save lots of time.

Remotely directing a non-technical user to check their version of Windows is cumbersome and time-consuming and some are unable to access their System Information settings. 

The flow currently works as follows: 
1. Send the user a link to a test meeting
2. End user opens the link in a web browser and when trying to enter the meeting is prompted to download the app
3. If the user is running Windows 10 32bit they are still pushed the 64bit version of the app which will successfully install without error
4. User then clicks 'Launch Adobe Connect', depending on the browser, a box pops up asking to open the app, nothing happens and the user is again presented with the blue button 'Download Adobe Connect Application'.
5. If the user is directed to manually launch the App from the Windows Start menu they will then receive a Windows error saying 'This app can't run on your PC'.

If this is not already included in the 11.2 release could you please do so?


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