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#1 2021-01-22 07:30:10


Hand Raises Spontaneously Cleared

When producing a few AC meetings yesterday some of the participants reported that their Hand Raises (HR) were being put down; for some, this happened many times.

The facilitator and I (producer) had Host role. Neither of us put the HR down in any of the ways it could be done (including the brief notification in a box in the bottom-right of the screen , nor in the top-right notification area).

The account is one hosted by Adobe; the meeting room was in Classic View; 25-ish participants in two 3-hour sessions; not known which participants were using the AC App vs. browser access; not known if Windows or Mac computer used by participants.

Ruled out:
- if participant w/this situation logged out and back in the problem remained for them

What could cause this, and how can it be prevented?

One possibility I discovered when testing this after the sessions - when the HR button is clicked, it becomes the focus of the AC screen. When it is the focus, pressing the spacebar puts it down. And that does not clear or shift the focus. Pressing the spacebar again raises the hand once more, etc.
But how likely is it for several participants to repeatedly click the HR button, and then press spacebar?

Looking forward to replies.  TIA


#2 2021-01-25 14:42:29


Re: Hand Raises Spontaneously Cleared

The raise hand notification is set to go away after a certain number of seconds (configurable under the Meeting Preferences). It can also be disabled altogether using these settings.

The request still shows up as a hand icon in the Attendees pod; it's only the notification that is temporary. While screensharing, you can have it persist without disappearing.



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