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#1 2021-01-14 13:06:13


HTML Standard View


How can we force the newer HTML standard view to be the default for our events? Within ordinary rooms the option is clearly visible but within events it is not. Any help is greatly appreciated!



#2 2021-01-14 19:34:09


Re: HTML Standard View

An Event is a tool that allows access to something in Connect. There is no standard vs. classic view concept there.

The setting for Connect Meetings, Virtual Classrooms, and Seminar/Webinar rooms are all the same. If users are joining one of those through an event, you will want to ensure that the room is set to use Standard mode. As Connect sits today (version 11.0.6), there is the option for attendees to join in either Classic or Standard mode. You don't really have the option to close the door to Classic mode at this time. The next release, version 11.2, will no longer support mixed Classic and Standard mode, so you can set the room to force Standard mode after the update.


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