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Move content to shared storage


I have a connect on-premise server running ADC 10.8 on Windows 2016 server. I am going to move the content server to a shared storage.

I have two questions:

1) According to Adobe documentation, I must copy the /content/7/ folder to shared storage. What is the correct destination folder structure? should I create /content/7/ folder structure inside the shared storage? Or just copy the folders inside 7 folder to the shared storage?

2) I named Adobe server SERVER_A, and shared storage server SERVER_B. I made a shared folder on SERVER_B named SharedStorage. These servers are in a workgroup. I created an admin user on SERVER_B named AdobeService with read/write permission on SharedStorage. According to the documentation, I must run the Adobe service on SERVER_A with credentials of SERVER_B\AdobeService user, but I do not know how to do this in a workgroup. I can not select any user from SERVER_B on SERVER_A.

I can see the SharedStorage from SERVER_A.

Please help.

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Re: Move content to shared storage

You should just need to give the correct mapping in the Connect server console. There is a field there for the mapping to shared storage along with the cache size you want to allocate on the meeting servers.

Most groups I see just create a content folder on the network drive they want to use and put everything in there. So it looks something like E:\content\


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