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#1 2020-10-12 01:51:16

Marius S.

[10.5] How uploaded content deleted? Limit for uploaded file?


We are running Adobe Connect 10.5 on-premise with Windows server 2016.
We have changed Content folder location from C to D disk according to this manual:

When we delete a record in Adobe Connect we can see free space increase in server immediately.
However there is Uploaded content folder in the meeting rooms, and I see some rooms have PPT/PDF/MP4 files uploaded which are ~1GB in size, if I check them and delete I don't see increase in free space in server.

So how should uploaded content to be removed from Adobe Connect and server disk?

Also is it possible to set a limit for uploaded file size?
As I can see some PPT files uploaded and they are up to 100MB or more.
I would like to set a size limit for uploading PPT/PDF/MP4 files.



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