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#1 2020-03-11 18:38:46


Meetings recordings issues when offline

I have the following problems with the recordings of my meetings

1) Once I have them offline, audio is out of sync from video (webcam) and from presentation, in fact, everyuthing is out of sync with each other, video image, audio and presentation. No to mention that if there are two ore more presenters the delay is unbearable, even when there is no delay at all in the live event.

2) Some times, when the downloaded video is OK, I edit it with videopad to put some intro I have for the videos, and then is out of sync.

3) Is there any easier way to download the file without having to play it all in real time? I kind of annoying to download a 3 hour webinar FI

Anyone can help me with some of that?



#2 2020-03-12 15:03:18


Re: Meetings recordings issues when offline

For issues, 1 and 2, try making the offline recording on a different computer. I seem to have a computer that reliably makes recordings and one that always has them come out with some issue. FWIW, the computer with the lesser hardware is the one that makes the better recordings.

For 3, nope, that is the only way to get an MP4 of the recording.


#3 2020-11-20 09:33:22

CBP D. Rivosecchi

Re: Meetings recordings issues when offline

I'm having the same issue.   I've tried two different computers, I've tried saving to the local drive instead of a network drive, I have also attempted to make the recording off peak hours ... nothing has helped.

Adobe Connect application version: WIN 2020.10.1.32
Adobe Connect Version: 10.2.0


#4 2020-11-25 14:43:24


Re: Meetings recordings issues when offline

Seems to be an issue I'm hearing about more and more. I'd recommend contacting Adobe Support to see if they have a fix or expected time for a fix. 800-945-9120

Worst case scenario, use a tool like Camtasia to do the capture of the playback locally. It removes the reliance on the Connect App to do things correctly. That's been my fall back for a while now.


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