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I might have lost an important recording

First of all, I am backtranslating the text in the interface from Italian.

On Monday I was recording a lesson with some students and at a certain moment both them and I were disconnected from Adobe. I had to start another recording.

Now the first recording is not accessible. When I go to Meetings —> mymeeting —> Recordings, the first recording has a lighter checkbox, and if I pass the pointer on it it says:

“Processing of the recordings in progress. Actions will be available once the processing is complete”.

If I click on the recording, it says that it weighs 0.0 KB.
If I click on its URL, it says (in English):

“Cannot connect to server.
Check your network connection and try again.”

If I launch the app and put its link, it asks for ID and password, then the app closes.

How can I try and recover the recording? It was very important.

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Re: I might have lost an important recording

Contact Adobe Support, they will be able to see what is causing the recording to not work and provide a possible fix. … pport.html


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