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#1 2019-11-12 17:10:13


Publish to PDF

Presenter 10-

1. Published to Acrobat and output was a zip file. Anyone know whats going on?

2. Created smart art pie chart, Added animation voice recording to each slice of the pic, activated by click but the recording does not play AND despite the sound icon being hidden, it still shows up in Presenter (but not in PPT show mode). Any idea how to fix?


#2 2019-11-13 11:31:20


Re: Publish to PDF

1. Publishing to Adobe PDF should just generate a PDF. There is no option for a Zip. If you are publishing to My Computer, you are outputing as a SWF or HTML package, which can be in a Zip. Could it be that you published that way?

2. Smart art can be hard to work with. Converting it from an MS built solution to Flash or HTML can be tricky. Presenter has some similar interactions, maybe those are worth testing. However, they are a Flash based widget and won't work in the HTML output, so maybe that is a non-starter. As far as sounds, you usually don't want to have sound attached to objects on the slides, they usually get dropped or don't work as expected when the PPT is converted. The concept of adding audio to individual objects works much better in Captivate. Maybe it is worth looking at that tool (Presenter's big brother) instead.


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