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Skype for Business & Universal Voice in Adobe Connect - Sound Quality

Our company uses Skype for business as our soft phone we'd like to work with a universal voice vendor to allow the option for both phone integration or VOIP in the same Adobe connect meeting/session.
We tried MeetingOne and noticed that when people dial in on Skype for Business as their phone provider the sound quality is pretty bad. Adobe Connect is saying the poor sound quality is not caused by them. When people dial in on a cell phone the sound quality with MeetingOne is fine, so this supports Adobe Connect's claim. So my question is; do you work with a vendor that uses Skype for Business and Adobe and Universal voice with *good sound quality*?
Skype for Business cannot be changed in this scenario so we are looking for Universal Voice companies that can help us with this issue.


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Re: Skype for Business & Universal Voice in Adobe Connect - Sound Quality

I do have customers who use MeetingOne as their teleconferencing provider that is integrated with Connect and they use Skype soft phones and have no issues. However, it could be worth trying one of the other integrated providers to see if you get a different experience.

If nothing changes with a different provider, then I'd say the issue lands in the lap of Skype or possibly your IT dept who may be able to identify a restriction of data for the Skype app, causing a lower quality audio stream.

Your Connect reseller should have a relationship with the other providers, but they are Intercall/West/Intrado, and Arkadin.


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