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Missing Workspace Setup

We use Adobe Connect through our LMS Vendor.  It's integrated into our system, so we can create sessions in the LMS and it generates URL's for the Facilitators (Host) as well as for the Learners (Participants).  Our facilitators are going in a few days ahead of the scheduled class time to setup the 'room' with downloaded materials as well as custom workspace setups of various pods, and multiple custom layouts.

What we are experiencing is after the facilitator closes out the meeting space upon completion of customization, and then returns on the day of the class, the custom setup is gone.

What I see on the backend (via the normal Adobe portal) is that the "meeting" information shows that there are multiple sessions for this one meeting.  There's a session for the time the facilitator customized, and then a separate session for the day of the class.

Is there some configuration on the Adobe platform side that will turn off the creation of subsequent sessions?  Leaving just the original meeting as one session no matter when it's opened and utilized?


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Re: Missing Workspace Setup

Not sure what is causing the room to reset, but the concept of sessions within the room is as old as Connect/Breeze. To clarify, Connect meeting rooms are persistant. This means that they remain in the same state that you leave them (just like a physical room). So, all your presentations, pods, chat, etc. should be in the room the next time you join.

Joining the same room at a later date creates a new session, which is really just a way to keep an organized method of reporting for the room. It means nothing more than that.

If the room is resetting when joining later it is either because:

a) The host of the room selected the Reset Layouts option (not terribly likely since most people don't know this even exists)
b) There is something server side that needs to be addressed

If the issue is b, then I'd recommend contacting Adobe Support as they are the ones who can check the server side logs and work through the problem from that end. … pport.html


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