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Testing Results ~ Adobe HTML client for Attendee use.

Attendee HTML access and functionality was tested on PCs, a Mac, iPad, iPhone and an Android using IE, Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox browsers. 

Findings included:

Inconsistencies in functionality:
Ability to access Adobe via HTML across devices and browsers, sometimes Adobe loaded and other times it did not.  If attendee entered before the Host they were kicked out of Adobe.

Ability to view presentation content and when presentation did load it was blurry on multiple devices/browsers. 
When it did work, there was latency issue.

On most devices/browsers the attendee was able to see the names of all other attendees via a + sign located in the chat function. 
Audio Stream did function properly across devices and browsers

Has anyone experience these result when presenting and the attendees are using the HTML client?



#2 2019-10-03 12:06:07


Re: Testing Results ~ Adobe HTML client for Attendee use.

Users getting kicked out - This is likely an expected workflow with your licensing. Would take further investigation.

Content blurry and latency - Content being blurry, but could be because it is older content and was converted with an older tool. Otherwise you may want to reach out to Adobe Support and ask for their input. Latency is a function of connectivity. Users on mobile networks, shared WiFi, VPN etc, may cause latency due to connectivity issues.

Attendee names in chat - Is this the Pod Options menu function to start a private chat? If you don't want that visible, use either, the Q&A pod for moderated chat or the Anonymous Chat Pod … -chat.html to obscure user names.


#3 2019-10-08 15:35:03


Re: Testing Results ~ Adobe HTML client for Attendee use.

The old private Chat pod is still Flash based so yes the only way to have privacy is to use Q&A
When we were first upgraded the first event had some serious latency issues with video/speaker totally out of sync on the recording. Since then - touch wood - not bad.
Yes we've seen folks getting kicked off or not having audio when signing in via HTML


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