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#1 2019-10-03 15:22:40


Logging in without Host

I saw this topic closed in 2012 ( but I was hoping that Adobe might reconsider allowing registered users to enter without a host.

We use eSyncTraining to automatically log our students into classrooms. Unfortunately, if the host isn't there, they can't log in. Here's a typical example of what happens. The teacher posts a message in the Connect room that says "I'm sorry I can't make it to class today." and logs out.  The students try to go to class, and can't get in so I (as the tech support person) get 10 phone calls & emails asking why.  Then I have to go in until all students have had a chance to see the message.

Allowing anyone with the link in (as is discussed in the above posts) isn't an option for security reasons.

So Adobe, is there any chance this will work in future releases?

Thanks for considering.


#2 2019-10-04 09:44:58


Re: Logging in without Host

The issue is around the licensing used for your account. The Named Host license (most commonly purchased, FYI), requires that a member of the Meeting Host group be present in the room for it to "unlock' and allow users to join and have elevated permissions.

This functionality isn't expected to change in the future, short of you changing your licensing model. You can try having the teacher use the Block Incoming Attendees feature if they are not going to be there, which will give them the option to put a custom message on the hold screen. However, this may not show if the Host isn't present in the room. It may take some testing.


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