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Frustrating issues with cursor on presenter laptop

We use Adobe for 400+ user seminars.  We recently got a logitech spotlight presenter.  These are great because unlike a laser pointer, it actually carries through to the screen share.  The issue is that when the "virtual laser pointer" is not pressed, it reverts to the computer/headshot cursor.  While the instructor can see the virtual laser dot, he of course, CAN NOT see the adobe cursor projector screen (or on his laptop screen, I believe).  So, after he releases the pointer, it reverts to the cursor and often obscures words on his slide.  Here's what I'm talking about:


I have gone through all of the known settings I can find:  in preferences> general "Host cursor = off"  (even though he's actually not a host.  He's just a presenter).  In the screen share settings "Show application cursor" is unchecked.  The latter was already unchecked.  The former I switched in the middle of a session, which I'm still in for another hour.  Maybe it requires a restart, but I doubt it.  Most of these changes seem to take effect immediately.  What am I missing? 

How can I banish the cursor forever on a presenter's screen share?

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Re: Frustrating issues with cursor on presenter laptop

The Host cursor option shouldn't be the issue. You would want the Application Cursor option checked. This will show whatever the cursor is on the screen being shared. If it is unchecked you get the cursor in your screens shot.


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