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OpenAdobe Connect keeps kicking me offline when I'm hardwired.

I started a work from home job with Enterprise Holdings on Monday. One of the requirements is to be hardwired via ethernet cable at all times. When I am doing any of the programs or applications for Enterprise or just browsing Reddit I have no problem with my connection. As soon as I am in Adobe Connect (where the classroom is), I get kicked off repeatedly.

I told my instructor and she told me to call our company's tech support. Tech support suggested that I download Adobe Flash Player, so I did. I was good in the classroom for about two hours. When we returned from an afternoon break (about 15 min), it returned to immediately kicking me off whenever I entered Adobe Connect.

The ethernet cables are brand new, my modem is Netgear R6250 - a little less than two years old and my internet provider is one of the fastest and best in the country. I don't have any issues except when I'm in Adobe Connect.

And in case it matters I am on a PC.

Is there a way to resolve this so I can be hardwired in the classroom?

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Re: OpenAdobe Connect keeps kicking me offline when I'm hardwired.

From the sounds of it, you may be dealing with a firewall issue. But that is a shot in the dark.

You may want to reach out directly to the Connect Support team to see if what they can do. They should be able to help you get logging set up so there is a report of exactly what is happening with Connect. They may also have some other steps you can take to try to resolve the issue.

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Re: OpenAdobe Connect keeps kicking me offline when I'm hardwired.

When the users I support need to join an Adobe Connect meeting, it requires administrator privileges to install the meeting client.

I recommend that you check out ReadyTalk. Meeting hosts either need a software tool installed or JRE, but the meeting attendees only need flash player. The cost is really low for web-only and reasonable when voice is included.

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Re: OpenAdobe Connect keeps kicking me offline when I'm hardwired.

An odd response, but OK. I'd be wary of anyone offering a solution that "only need flash player". If it is based on using Flash Player in an attendee's browser then it is likely going to be blocked by an IT department between now and the end of 2020. And, at the end of 2020 it will no longer work in any browser. But I guess that is what you get for something that has a cost that is "really low". Also, understand that ReadyTalk is owned by Premiere Global Inc, which is likely also going to be the group offering the voice solution when it is included. Just so there is full transparency here.


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